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Boilers, Plumbing and Bathrooms

In Bathroom, Plumbing, Workmen and Trade on May 1, 2012 at 4:25 am

I’ve been on the receiving end of many visits from boiler and plumbing engineers recently. Every person who visits has a different take on what to do. Yes, it’s utterly befuddling.

It’s ok though, because it will enable us to install “The Basin of Joy”  eventually. In the meantime here’s a summary of what I’ve been told.  Perhaps it may be of use to you, or perhaps you have an opinion.

Sfera Yellow Bowl Sink

The Sink of Joy

Here’s our situation:

1. We currently have a large Concord WRS boiler. They stopped making them before I was born, but it is working fine.

2. The current boiler is illegally vented at the moment as the flu goes into an open carport, which still counts as enclosed.

3. Our pressure for showers is, well, let’s just say I’d get cleaner using a watering can.

The options presented to us have been the following:

1) Replace the boiler and keep the hot water tank, adding a pump for pressure.

  • Some say pumps give better pressure than mains and combi, some say not
  • Some say pumps are noisy

2) Replace the boilers with a 30kw combi boiler.

  • Could use an electric shower to stop hot water/pressure drain when using more than one tap. Some say it’s an issue, some say not
  • Put flow regulators on taps to solve pressure / water sharing issue

3) Other variations in advice

  • Whether or not to powerflush the system (this could highlight leaks unnecessarily. Some combi boilers have magnetic sludge filters built in)
  • Whether or not radiatiors will need replacing

So, all in all there’s basically every permutation of the above open to us and every time someone comes, we are persuaded that their option is best….until the next person comes.

Excitingly though I have discovered that some combi-boilers have weather meters that monitor external happenings and adjust pre-emptively to drops in temperature. Swanky.