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Oven in – Rangemaster

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Well, the oven’s in. Cupboards arrive on the day that the kitchen fitter goes on holiday.


Village Fete

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Here’s a bit of an interlude. Today is our ‘village’ (in zone 3) fete. It’s so cute – punch and judy, biscuit decorating, jerk chicken and … Zumba?!


Bathroom [Part1]

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The “Basin of Joy” was the starting point for our bathroom refit and one of the first items we bought for The Drey. it was a prime example of the fact that whilst Mr B and I often differ in opinion on the plainer items (eg the curve of a white bowl or the texture of a material) we tend to have exactly the same taste when it come to more statement items, such as bright yellow bathroom basins.

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The bathroom has progressed as follows

  • Mr B channeled his inner builder and gleefully removed the wallpaper, tiles, flooring (all three layers of it) and bath.
  • We discovered that the plaster was blown just above the tiles which meant that it would need re-rendering and skimming
  • The ceiling under the eaves was looked dodgy, so we decided to pull the rubbish chipboard off and get it plasterboarded
  • Long discussions about types of floor tiles. We nearly went for slate but were warned off it due to difficulties in making it flat and the slate splintering off over time.
  • Stacie-the-bathroom-lady started grinding out the channels for the shower. Lots of orange dust as a result, but she was brilliant and kept it all sealed in the one room (not like our re-wire crew)
  • Walls rendered, plasterboard up, flooring goes in
  • Tiling begins…and carries on…for ages..
  • Three weeks in, toilet is back and The Basin of Joy is  installed

Here’s a really bad photo of what the bathroom use to look like:

Old Bathroom


UPDATE: I was hoping to post this when the bathroom was completely painted and finished, but as you can see, it’s been a while. There’s only a little bit of finishing to do now, but I didn’t want to hold off any longer

Welcome to The Squirrel’s Drey

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Good evening,

Over the next few months, perhaps even years, depending on how much you like it, I’ll be taking you on a journey the Drey is coaxed and coddled into a new phase in its life.

The Drey is a 3 bed house in a N.London conservation area, which we purchased in early 2012.