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Bathroom Cabinets

In Bathroom on July 18, 2012 at 8:28 am

Now that I’ve finally learned how to “line out” properly and the bathroom is looking less wobbly and more sleek, thoughts turn to bathroom storage.

When you have dark grey walls, a bright yellow sink and a shower screen that looks like a teleporter, surely you can’t have just any old bathroom cabinet?

Warm Grey from Homebase

Homebase bathroom  paint

Sfera sink

Novellini Jolly 2 shower screen

After endless searches online, there are two on the wish list. One is completely ridiculous and not going to happen. The other is lovely but still rather an …er..investment for a bathroom cabinet. Time to cut down on those cappuccinos.

So first up, the expensive option. The Inside Out bathroom cabinet which is mere £315 from Heals.  That’d buy me about two kitchen cabinets so I can’t see it happening.  It’s lovely though. Simple and effective.

Inside out from Heals

The second option which is swiftly taking over from Inside Out for preference is the funny and yet still stylish Kong Box which I first saw at from Pretty Dandy (who are always a source of lovely things) However, they kindly let me know that Heals now have the exclusive rights to it so they are no longer stocking it. You should still go look at their site though. Anyway, this one is £150 which I was surprised to discover is actually not that expensive for a bathroom cabinet. Who knew.

Kong Box from Heals

Have you see any interesting yet well designed bathroom cabinets lately? How about you let me steal your ideas?